Yorkshire’s Jurrassic World

Noah hides under a fossil covered rock

To escape the rain on a miserable summer’s day in the historic city of York, we visited Yorkshire’s Jurrassic World exhibition.

A rainy day…

The Yorkshire¬† museum was warm and welcoming, just what we needed after getting caught in a downpour. Surrounding the building is the beautiful York castle Gardens. These are best enjoyed on a warm summer’s day sharing a picnic with family or friends.¬†

We were charged ¬£8 for one adult and child entry to the museum. I’m glad the price was not too steep because the exhibition did not really reach my expectations.

First impressions

At first glance the exhibition appears to really make children’s learning a priority. I noticed Little Life Dino activity packs hung up on the wall that toddlers could borrow. There were activity sheets available for older children.

Tables with fossils in trays

A fossil dig is the main activity in the first room. However, the there was nothing to ‘dig’ through to discover the fossils. Other activities for children also lacked resources; this was quite disappointing to see.


What did impress me though was the extravagant ichthyosaur and plesiosaur skeletons which really do need to be seen to be believed. It’s outstanding that we have evidence that such a legendary creatures swam in oceans.

Noah uses a tablet to look at an augmented reality view of what the prehistoric sea monsters looked like.

There were a couple of technical aspects to the exhibition that really stood out. A tablet that showed in augmented reality what the creatures would have looked like in the flesh. Kids also seemed impressed by a projection of a raptor that seems to creep out of nowhere. 

Dinosaur footprint in rock

I enjoyed looking at the various dinosaur footprints that had been discovered locally. 

Noah tries a virtual reality headset at Yorkshire's Jurassic World

To top the exhibition off there is the opportunity to try a virtual reality experience in which you can feed a humongous plant-eating dinosaur. This was Noah’s favourite part. 

Fossil digging room at Yorkshire's Jurassic World

Our verdict

Yorkshire’s Jurrassic World is a short-but sweet, fun rainy day activity. I wouldn’t travel specifically to go see it but thankfully York is full of other wonderful gems to visit. We filled the rest of the day with shopping and an exciting visit to the Jorvik Viking Centre which I would say, in comparison, was far more engaging for little ones. 

Kids love dinosaurs! Have you checked out the dino exhibition at the National History Museum in London yet?

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