World Museum, Liverpool

A 5 minute stroll from Liverpool Lime Street Station, World Museum is a hands-on, child friendly attraction, perfect for those reliant on public transport.

All-weather fun

Getting out and about this winter has been hard. I wish I was one of those people who can just wrap up and brave the elements anyway but I am not. Noah had asked when we can next take a train journey and I had to wrack my brains a bit to think of an all-weather location we could visit on our only day off together. I’d almost forgotten that Liverpool, a city we’ve never visited before, is host to a plethora of museums, one of which, the World Museum, I’d been meaning to take my son to. A quick search on Google maps, I saw it was conveniently located right near the station and it seemed like a great choice for February.

Noah stands in front of St George's Hall in Liverpool on the steps. He is tiny compared to the huge building.

Arriving into Liverpool, we were taken aback a bit by the enormity and extravagance of some of the buildings. Noah enjoyed letting some steam off running up and down the stairs in front of this impressive hall after a long train journey.

The World Museum

The World Museum has multitude of exhibits over five floors and has paid special attention to making sure kids get engaged and learn throughout the day. As it was half-term, there was also a program of extra kids activities. These included shadow puppet theatre, face painting and craft activities.

There is also a planetarium with a good range of films to choose from including those suitable for younger children. Noah chose the film titled ‘We Are Aliens’. We paid a small fee for planetarium tickets, entry to museum itself is FREE.

There are a good amount of stairs to climb to explore this museum, although lifts are also provided. There is also a cloakroom if you need to lighten the load.

The Aquarium

Noah looks at fish in the aquarium at the World Museum

I wasn’t expecting to find an Aquarium on the first floor. It’s not very extensive but little kids will enjoy spotting various types of fish.

The Bug House

Noah plays with an exhibit in the bug house at the World Museum

The second floor is home to the bug house including plenty of live exhibits. We learned a lot about the sounds bugs make, life cycles of insects, what they eat and what they sound like through several interactive exhibits that kept children engaged.

Natural History

The Natural History section is also on this floor and features bones and skulls you can pick up and touch. There are lots of guessing games that spark curiosity in children. The hippo skull is impressive, along with a giant clam!

Healthy lunch options

A red lentil stew with cous cous in the restaurant at the World Museum

We knew we would need to top up our energy levels to explore the rest of the place. There is a very large cafe with surplus seating. Both hot and cold food is available, with plenty of healthy options.

World cultures and evolution

Noah compares his hand to a chimpanzee's at the World Museum
Noah compares his hand to a chimpanzee’s.

Exploring world cultures was the name of the game after lunch. This is the section that I think Noah probably spent the most time, partly due to the fantastic staff who were keen to show him different curiosities and answer his many questions. We learned about human evolution, why Chinese shoes are so small and how armour is made in the most isolated islands of the Pacific Ocean.

The Mummy Room

The mummy room at the World Mueum

Following our planetarium show, we had a chance to explore the Ancient Egyptian gallery. In particular we were interested in visiting the mummy room because Noah had learned about the mummifying process in school. They have a lot of mummies so there won’t be any disappointment if that’s what you’re interested in seeing. We only spent a few minutes in there as Noah thought it was a little bit scary.

We didn’t even have time to check out the Dino gallery but judging by the child friendliness of the rest of the museum I am sure it would not disappoint. There were also lots of really cute Dino souvenirs in the gift shop.

Dinosaur toys in the gift shop at the World Mueum

We’d arrived at 11:45 and it was 4.30pm by the time we left. It was time we’ll spent and even I learned a few new facts!

Find out more about the World Museum on the official website!

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  1. Tina says:

    Looks like you had a amazing time with Noah, he’s one lucky boy to have a mum like you ! Wish my children were young would love to go there.

  2. Sounds a little like London’s Horniman. The world cultures section sounds fascinating, good for Noah for engaging with it all so much! Thanks for linking with #CULTUREDKIDS

  3. Running up those stairs looks tempting, the World Museum looks great fun and how good to travel there by train. #CulturedKids

  4. Sounds like a fascinating museum and looks like Noah had a lot of fun.

  5. Sounds like a fascinating museum and looks like Noah had a lot of fun #CulturedKIds

  6. What’s not to love about a museum with a planetarium, aquarium, mummy room and more! I’ve not heard of this museum so good to get it on buy radar. #culturedkids

  7. What’s not to love about a museum with a planetarium, aquarium, mummy room and more! I’ve not heard of this museum so good to get it on buy radar. #culturedkids

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