Grizedale Sculpture Forest

The UK’s First Forest for Sculpture, in the Lake District.

Boy climbing up a fallen tree trunk in the forest

Fresh from watching survival expert Bear Grylls, Noah was ready for his own adventure at the Grizedale Sculpture Forest.

In the same vein as Sherwood Forest we visited last year, the Grizedale Sculpture Forest is owned by the Forestry Commission. It features plenty of activities for all ages: bike hire, mountain biking trails, walking trails and zip-lining adventure Go Ape. There is also a visitors centre, cafe and children’s playground. Parking costs £8 for the day.

Boy in the forest surrounded by all different types of fauna

It’s unique selling point is perhaps that dotted among the forest and surrounding grounds are plethora of sculptures. We enjoyed spotting these and they often blended into the surroundings, some were a little less conventional and fun!

Noah climbs on a sculpture in the forest

Kids let loose in the forest

Specially designed trails for children captivate imaginations. Kids can have a wander or enhance the experience by picking up a Forest Adventure kit.

Image of forest adventure pack bag on boy's back

Either way, there is plenty to discover in the forest that children will love! Noah enjoyed turning the keys mounted on the trees, revealing a music-box tinkle in the air.

Boy turns a large metal key that is fixed to a tree

And looking for surprises!

Time for a hike

Now Noah is turning seven, he’s able to handle longer, more challenging walks. We decided to go on a 3 and a half mile circular walk. This may sound challenging with a child but with plenty of stops and things to look at it was quite manageable.

Boy poses and shows of his muscles in the forest

The walk we chose was definitely not buggy friendly with some pretty steep inclines and tree root covered paths. There are more accessible walks to do in the forest, information is available in the visitor centre.

Boy climbing through stream in the forest

Expect to get wet! Noah couldn’t resist exploring the streams!

Boy sits under a small footbridge over a stream in the forest

Chilling out

There are plenty of resources around for den building. Noah assembled this masterpiece with Grandad following a picnic lunch.

Lake in the Grizedale Forest surrounded by trees

Hidden deep in the forest is the Grizedale tarn, a quiet, picturesque stop. A favourite with the local ducks and dogs looking to cool off.

Boy slides down a muddy hill in the Grizedale Sculpture Forest

Noah just loves to climb everything, this time he found a novel way to get back down.

The day didn’t end there

Boy eats ice-cream cone

Afterwards, a well deserved ice cream before Noah went back for round two in the play park. I don’t understand where his energy comes from.

Grandad pushes boy on big tyre swing in the park

For further information about visiting Grizedale Sculpture Forest, please check out their website!

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