Tree Top Junior & Nets Kingdom by Go Ape

A part of Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, Sherwood Pines is a country park that offers an exhaustive collection of activities to suit all budgets and ages. From bike rental/trails, segway rides, a cafe, to secret playgrounds and bush-craft experiences, there’s more than enough to keep the whole family occupied. One of its biggest draws is its Go Ape Tree Top Junior and high ropes courses, along with one of very few Go Ape Nets Kingdom parks. We decided to check them out during the school holidays.

Noah enjoying the slide in a playground at Sherwood Pines


Go Ape was a holiday treat as we don’t usually spend a great deal on our days out. Tickets are cheaper to book in advance online. We got £5 off entry to Nets Kingdom because we had done the Tree Top Junior course the same day. This was a special offer that for that week. We think it would be a fabulous idea if Go Ape offered the two experiences as a money saving combo ticket in the future.

By the way, if your budget is really low, £6 gets you all day car parking and then you can enjoy all the free activities Sherwood Pines has to offer like the playgrounds, picnic areas, walking trails, tree sculptures, woodland and biking trails.


Getting ready for Noah’s tree top course was painless; just a few safety regulations to go over. His harness was fitted quickly by the friendly staff. He had a little practice on a short lower trail, then he was off.

I don’t think he had imagined how high up the tree top junior trail was. It was not long before he got cold feet. Noah often feels very sure of himself, charging around with a sense of bravado, so he’d told me very matter-of-fact that he didn’t want me to take part. When he froze on top of one of the platforms, I realised I’d totally underestimated his confidence. He managed to overcome the obstacle but at the next platform the tears came again. This time, one of Go Ape’s awesome staff members met him up on the platform, supporting him through the rest of the course. The staff member was incredibly patient, doing everything he could to build Noah’s confidence up to the point where he was tackling some obstacles on his own again.

A staff member helps Noah on the Go Ape Tree Top Junior course.
A friendly member of staff comes to Noah’s rescue!

The final obstacle of the Tree Top Junior course is a zip wire which Noah protested against, but with some more coaxing he was soon flying through the air. Noah agreed after that the zip wire really wasn’t that scary at all but he’d had enough of being a daredevil for the day. We will visit another time. Noah has decided that actually, he does want his mum to go round with him next time.

Noah plays on a life size model of the story book character, The Gruffalo.
Noah meets the Gruffalo.

A quick meet with the Gruffalo, before we headed to Go Ape’s other attraction for kids, Nets Kingdom. It’s particularly well suited to younger visitors or those who don’t feel comfortable doing the tree top courses. The nets area is enclosed with plenty of large picnic tables scattered around, all have great views of the play area. Sessions are two hours long so it’s a good area to have a spot of lunch, You can bring your own or for just drinks/snacks there is a little kiosk within the Nets Kingdom.

Nets Kingdom at Go Ape in Sherwood Forest
Go Ape Nets Kingdom at Sherwood Pines.

Nets Kingdom is a large suspended netted play area, giving youngsters (and parents, if you like) the chance to play among the trees. It’s bouncy and pure fun, completed with net slides, tree houses and inflatable balls. I thought two hours seemed like a long session, but he wanted to stay longer.

Noah playing on a large suspended net at Go Ape Nets Kingdom play area.
Noah hangs out on a humongous net!

Noah felt way more confident at this attraction than he did at the previous one. The staff were so engaging, putting vital safety information across in a way that a six year old could understand.

A picture of a slide at Go Ape Nets Kingdom
There’s a few safety rules to follow when using this unique slide at Nets Kingdom.

We recommend Tree Top Junior and Nets Kingdom, but if younger children want to take part in the former, then you may want to join them on the course.

Not local?

Within a few minutes walk are the Forest Holidays Cabins which I can highly recommend for a short stay.

Forest Holidays cabin kitchen.
Sneak preview of the Forest Holidays cabin that Esther stayed in earlier in the Summer.

Noah’s words (on visiting Sherwood Pines and having a Go Ape adventure) :

“It’s awesome and cool!”

Noah in his harness at Go Ape.

Visit the GoApe website for advance tickets to both Tree Top Junior and Nets Kingdom attractions. For other information about what’s on offer at Sherwood Pines, see the Forestry Commission website. Sherwood Pines is located at Edwinstowe, Mansfield NG21 9JL. 

Making a weekend of it? Here’s a post about our visit to Creswell Crags, another fantastic child friendly day out in Nottinghamshire.

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  1. Sahara says:

    That’s great that they did £6 parking, not too expensive if you’re staying there the whole day! And there’s so many fun things to do during the day as well so there’s no chance of getting bored! Especially if it’s a really nice day, you can just have a picnic in the afternoon for lunch in nature. This looks fun even for someone not so young – I wish there was an adult version of it!

    1. There’s a high ropes course there as well for the grown ups! I’ll have to go back and attempt it one day when Noah is busy doing something else. The Nets Kingdom Park allows adults to play, but only when accompanied by children I think. Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. sharnah says:

    £6 is a really decent price! It looks and sounds like you can do a lot and make a whole day out of it. I love Sherwood Forest, I have recently been to Center Parcs and did something similar to Noah on the Zip lines and stuff! It can be pretty scary! Glad he had fun. I would love to go Go Ape (even at the age of 20) xx

  3. Bexa says:

    It definitely looks awesome and cool! I’m glad Noah enjoyed himself. I’d actually love to have a go on something like this. There is a Go Ape near me and I’m gonna have to give it a try sometime. Thanks for sharing your fun post! ? xx

    Bexa |

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