Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps

I know I know, it is too early to be talking about Christmas, but I thought it may be worth mentioning a children’s show that is currently touring UK theatres: Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps. This show left Noah roaring with deep belly laughs and yes, it is about exactly what you’re thinking: Santa’s struggle with brussel sprout induced gas.

TaleGate theatre productions had massive success last year with  Father Christmas Needs A Wee*. Now they return with more toilet humour that will give both kids and parents alike fits of giggles. Interactive funky songs and dance moves make it a show hugely popular with pre-schoolers and KS1 children.

Noah shows us his light up souvenir from Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps.

A lovely touch is that Santa invites all the children onto the stage for a photo opportunity. This makes a smashing souvenir. On the Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps facebook page, children are also encouraged to take a letter for Santa along to the show.

What’s more, the show is based on a best selling book you can buy at the merchandise kiosk (along with the annoying flashy Christmas tree that Noah holds) so you can relive Santa’s windy problems at bedtime.

*Hurrah! In 2018, Father Christmas needs a Wee returns! Check your local theatre to see if it’s touring near you!

Want another idea for a festive day out with your child? How about meeting Santa on the train in picturesque Bronte countryside? See our post on our visit to Haworth.

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